New Year, New You

It’s the New Year, and it’s time for a new you, right? Not according to most statistics. In fact, reportedly 73% of people who make resolutions fail on them most of the time. But there is a solution! You can get ahead of the pack by following these quick tips on how to have the most success with your New Year’s plans.

  • Work On Your Self-Restraint

Scientists have revealed the willpower and self-restraint actually function much like a muscle—the more you use it, the stronger it gets. So if you want to be successful in achieving not only your New Year’s resolution, but also your goals in general, you should try to practice self-restraint to bulk up your willpower muscle. Also, give your brain some help with the control by making the things you are trying to do more attractive.

  • Commitment Buddy

Having an accountability partner will help you stay committed to your goals. They’ll help you stay on track, but they’ll also help motivate you to get back on the horse if you slip up.

  • SMART Goals

Setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound are a great way to make sure you’ll be more successful in achieving them. Pay special attention to the “T” many people who set New Year’s Resolutions think they have the whole year. The only problem is that they don’t create timely check-ins during that long time period to make sure they stay on track. It’s a better idea to set a big annual goal, but then break it up into what you should achieve monthly in order to stay on track for the end of the year.

  • One Change At A Time

It’s tempting to create a bunch of goals all at the same time, like losing 20 pounds, saving more money, spending more time with your kids, and get more exercise. But the reality is that it’s unlikely that you will be able to completely transform yourself in the matter of a few short days or weeks. Instead, set one, manageable goal at a time, set a shorter time period in which to achieve it, say 1-3 months, and then once you’ve achieved the first goal, move onto the next. This will allow you to focus on successfully completing one goal at a time, while simultaneously having the benefit of creating positive momentum as you achieve each goal.

  • Create A Plan

Having a plan will allow you to create a roadmap, which will help you navigate your way from goal setting to goal achieving.

This year I’m committed to not only setting but also achieving my New Year’s resolutions. I’m going to follow these tips to help guide me there. I hope you find them helpful, too!